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  1. Risk free money back guarantee

    We know that you will love studying with TIQ so much that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee ... if you are not happy with the service or diploma training we have provided you. We are an outcomes-focused education provider and pride ourselves on the quality of our training and service. We actually want to see you reach your goals and achieve a nationally recognised qualification. It's that simple. If you are not satisfied with the service or quality of our diploma training products, please email us within 30 days of your date of enrolment and we will gladly refund any paid fees or cancel any payment plans. We value a happy learning culture at our institute and know you will too.

  2. 100% online courses

    At TIQ Brisbane we believe learning should be as hassle-free as possible.... We understand that attending diploma classes is out of the question for many busy people. This is why all of our diploma courses are provided to you online. Turn up to diploma class in your pyjamas if you like! You can study from the comfort of your own home or use work time effectively to up skill in your chosen field, without even leaving your office. Or better yet, find a shady spot at a beach with your tablet or laptop or grab a chai latte at your favourite Wi-Fi friendly coffee shop. Study anywhere you want in the world. As long as you can get an internet connection, you can study with TIQ Brisbane.

  3. Flexible, stress-free assessments

    Did you ever "pull an all-nighter" cramming in as much information before sitting an exam at school or uni? ... Or rush through an assignment because the due date was tomorrow and you hadn't even started?! This is stressing your brain and is not the best way for you to learn, as it is likely you won't retain much of the knowledge after sitting the exam or after the assignment is handed in. At TIQ Brisbane, you create your own "due dates" and work around your own schedule. You work at your own pace, and are not dictated by anyone else's schedule. With a more relaxed-approach, you are more likely to enjoy the learning process and retain more knowledge for application into the work force. This last part is vital, and that's why we encourage to do diploma in business at TIQ.

  4. Vibrant and approachable trainers

    Confucius says "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." ... This is true of all of the trainers at TIQ, we all love what we do, are all qualified and have worked in each industry for a number of years. At the end of the day our trainers are there to support you to reach your goals of completing the diploma of business online course. We encourage questions, remembering there is no such thing as a silly question.

  5. Affordable

    Did you know that the cost of education has risen to almost 3 times the rate of inflation ... over the last 3 decades? Crazy, right?! TIQ believes that there should be less financial barriers to you achieving a nationally recognised qualification, and provide a lower cost for training than many other providers. We also offer a payment plan to further reduce any financial constraints for your education.

Accredited Courses with Training Institute of Queensland

Ready to start a certificate or diploma course and dont want to wait for the next semester intake?

If you want to have a greater range of job options available to you, and are limited in time and stretched by commitments, then get your learning on track with Training Institute Queensland (TIQ).

Studying online with TIQ is the perfect solution for your studying needs, with courses you can complete in your time, fitting around work, family and lifestyle commitments. All of our courses are industry-led, meaning that the skills you are learning in your course with TIQ is relevant to employers and meet industry needs.

At the Training Institute of Queensland we understand that as a result of these drastic workplace changes people are more time poor than ever before. The days where most of the population worked 9.00am to 5.00pm are long gone.

TIQ recognises that if businesses are changing their approach then training institutions must do so as well. Our accredited courses are designed so that you can complete your assignments in your workplace, improving on and equipping you with essential industry skills and meeting the demands of the workforce at the same time. 

Improve your skills and widen your opportunities

Improving your current skills is beneficial on many levels, helping you gain opportunities for promotions at your current role, or giving you more options for future roles that you wish to seek. If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, it is now vital that you refresh or update your skills to keep up with the ever-changing demands of industry.

Perhaps you’re ready to make a career change, but aren’t sure how to take the next step. Completing a diploma or certificate course will give you a great launchpad into the next stage of your professional life.

Whether it's gaining a deeper level of understanding and excellence in your current role or learning something new to qualify you for a better position, or being recognised for the work that you have already achieved, becoming qualified through one of our certificates or diplomas is an excellent foundation for your future. 

The benefits of studying online courses

The great benefits of studying online include the ability to start whenever you are ready. There is no semester-based intakes, all the studying is on demand and delivered to you through our online portal.

You can fit the course into your schedule and your lifestyle, no need to attend classes or complete exams, you simply ‘submit’ your assessments online and have the results delivered back to you within 72 hours.

Without the need to travel to your lessons, it’s a perfect study alternative for anyone wanting to further their education including:

  • People in full-time, part-time or casual employment
  • Shift workers
  • Stay at home parents
  • With busy schedules
  • Who work from home
  • Living in remote areas

New: Study at TIQ facilities or have TIQ come to you

We now have the option to study face to face in classroom style at our facilities. You will find the same friendly helpful team able to guide and direct you through to course completion, with excellent results! We also have the option of holding workshops and classes at various locations in and around Brisbane for all our courses.

The Training Istiture of Queensland have the flexibility to provide a customised training course to suit your business training needs and requirements, we work with you to improve the skillset and productivity of your entire team.

We will be running these courses during the day, evenings and weekends, in various locations around the Brisbane area. You can find out more when you contact the team, and we will be adding more details on the website soon. 

Courses designed to suit your lifestyle

We offer our students highly-flexible and affordable nationally accredited study and training options, which can be adjusted to work around other commitments to suit your lifestyle.

Some of our courses are online only, others offer a mixture of online and face-to-face study options and most require a 12 month commitment to receive the necessary accreditation. For further information of what options are available concerning your desired field of study take a look at our course options.       

  • Choose 100% online courses you can complete whenever you have time to spare.
  • For face-to-face study, you can opt for classroom style study options.
  • We hold our face-to-face workshops and courses at selected locations in the Brisbane region.
  • We can deliver classes during the day, night and even on weekends, subject to demand.
  • If you are an employer looking to train-up your staff we can also perform a Training Needs Assessment [TNA] for your workplace to identify areas needing improvement and tailoring a training course to suit your business needs and requirements.

Student support and training

TIQ offers excellent student support with our trainers who have a passion for helping you get ahead. As a student, you can feel free to ask specific or general questions about the course, get feedback on your assessments, and have the opportunity to chat with other students who are also doing your field of study.  Easily chat to them through the online portal, and have your results delivered online or through SMS.

For any course that requires physical attendance, our tutors will guide you to excellence through practical hands on training and learning. Our aim is to help you become qualified with the best final results. We fully support you through the duration of the course, and allow you to take more time if required to ensure you have a full understanding of both the theory and the practical sides of the course.

Nationally accredited and recognised training 

All our courses are nationally recognised and accredited as we are a registered training organisation. You will gain the same qualification as you would attending TAFE classes for the same diploma or certificate.

We adhere to the nationally endorsed standards and guidelines for training, assessing and recognising people’s skills in the subjects being taught. We also provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all our courses. You can study with confidence through TIQ.

Course types and study options

All of our certificate and diploma courses are aimed to benefit people who are either currently working, or looking to gain employment.

Our enrolment intake is daily, just call us on 1300 847 669 to enquire about how soon you can start studying after registering.   

Through TIQ you can study online or in person to learn from a range of business related courses.

Our study options include:

  • Business
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Engagement

These courses are all available online through our student portal system and are delivered on demand. You get to choose when to start the course, and when you want to do the work that best suits with your lifestyle and other commitments.

The high risk driver training courses, including the forklift licensing course required hands on practical training as well as theory in order to complete the course. The training is done in small focused classes onsite at our learning facility on specific days and times. The study usually requires 2 days plus assessment. Feel free to ask what is required when you get in touch.

Whether completing a certificate, diploma or high risk driver training course, such as the forklift licence, you will have the same support, guidance and approach to help you achieve all you can from completing the course.

TIQ understand the needs of the modern workplace

Here at Training Institute of Queensland we understand that the modern workplace is far different than it used to be just a decade ago. The way we do business is transforming for various reasons. The rise of the internet age, impact of globalisation, fall-out of worldwide economic turmoil and the changing work/life priorities of employees, have led to many industry sectors completely overhauling the way they do business in an effort to accommodate their staff, cut costs and improve efficiency.

Many feel that higher education courses are simply out of touch with the needs of the modern workplace, placing an emphasis on theory and general knowledge rather than meeting the training needs required by the shifting nature of the modern workforce.

This disconnect between graduate skill-sets and workplace practical skills means a university degree is no longer the golden ticket to a successful career in some fields. In a lot of cases, graduates of higher education degrees report that there were no jobs in their chosen profession after graduating. Many graduates of higher education degrees are now competing with Certificate IV and Diploma qualified graduates for jobs, with many employers favouring the VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualified candidates. Many emplyers believe that these candidates are more job-ready, with more practical training and experience.

However in most cases, it is up to the student, not the employer to intitiate the training. As many businesses feel they do not have the time nor the finances to upskill new, or, existing employees and this is one of the reasons unemployment is gradually climbing. One need only take a look at the number of graduate jobs on job search websites which specify the candidate must have years of on-the-job experience and a myriad of other skills (which can only be learnt on the job) to see the immense uphill battle created by this Catch-22 scenario. 

Our accredited training courses are designed to break this cycle by being directly relating to real-world workplaces, teaching you not only the required, but worthwhile and valuable skills to tackle these environments head on and with confidence.

For competitively priced courses, designed specifically for real-world job environments, contact the Training Institute of Queensland on 1300 847 669.